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Employee-Loving Holiday Gifts

With the holidays approaching, managers are likely starting to think about employee gifts. What’s something that will show appreciation in a professional, useful and meaningful way? We’ll admit that buying a really great gift can be tough. Your choice in gift can say a lot about how you feel about the recipient, so it’s important to convey that you understand and appreciate your people. As an aside, if you don’t provide the same gift for everyone, make sure they’re all of equal monetary value so no one feels less favored than another.

Feeling a little overwhelmed or not exactly sure where to start? Here are some gifts that employees will enjoy and reasons why they will:

Alcohol. This is a tried-and-true gift for the holidays because it’s a time of celebration. Choose the person’s favorite drink of choice, and if you’re not sure what it is, wine is usually a safe bet. Pair it with a Wine Tote and you’ve got it made! It’s also wise to have a backup plan in case someone doesn’t drink — just make sure the person doesn’t feel awkward for it.

Drinkware. There are a couple really great things about drinkware: They’re extremely practical and they promote good health by encouraging water intake. The Hot N Cold Gift Set offers two items in one by providing a travel mug for hot drinks and travel tumbler for cold drinks — with fun colors to choose from! A nice water bottle or mug is hard not to like, especially when it’s customized with your company logo.

Tech. There are lots of directions you could go when it comes to tech items. Whether it’s a smart bracelet, power bank, great set of headphones or Bluetooth speaker like the Ice Cube Wireless Speaker, your employees will enjoy using it in today’s tech world. The latter includes a gift box to help you nail your presentation.

A few other good ideas: a class (that you know they’ll enjoy), a hotel or Airbnb gift card (to encourage taking time for themselves when they need it), a gift basket of all their favorite things (to show how well you know and appreciate them), a subscription to premium music services like Spotify Premium (to keep them in the zone at work) or even a big team dinner that you host in your home.

Whether it’s one of these ideas or any in combination, we hope you impress your employees in 2017. For more great options, stop by our Holiday Gifts Idea Center — and don’t forget that you get free shipping when you order online!