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  • Tips to Thrill Halloween Customers

    Seasonal marketing, and in this case, Halloween marketing, gives businesses the opportunity to mix things up and try new strategies to get attention from buyers. From the get-go, customers are … more

  • Strategize Based on 2017 Trends

    Do the promotional products you focus on align with this year’s trends? In order to have the greatest impact, it’s important that your largest marketing efforts land on what matters most … more

  • Got Pink?

    Have you started to think pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October? It’s a meaningful time of year for thousands of breast cancer survivors, affected family members and friends. … more

  • Inspire Gratitude with Generous Promotions

    Have you ever noticed how generosity affects other people, or even yourself? Let’s say you pull up to a drive-through pay window, and you’re told that the car ahead of you paid for your … more

  • 7 Ways to Promote with Pens

    August is Pen Month, so we want to arm you with some ideas for using promotional pens! After all, pens are extremely versatile and thus valuable for increasing name awareness. If you want to use … more

  • 5 Marketing Techniques that Won’t Break the Bank

    Your goal is simple: Get your name out there to as many of the right people as possible for the most reasonable price possible. We get it — which is why we want to offer you some practical ways … more

  • Branded vs. Promotional

    There are millions of products out there, and while they all have unique characteristics, most of them can be separated into two categories: branded items and promotional items. Now the question … more

  • Next Stop: Amusement Park Fun

    Summer is the time for fun! One of the best ways to enjoy it is going to a theme park. Most of us have experienced at least one, and it’d be safe to say they provide a thrill that can be tough … more

  • Uniquely Dental: Summer Promos

    With youngsters and teachers out of school for the summer, these summer months are often when people have their annual or biannual dental checkup. This means it’s the perfect time for your … more

  • Does Swag Work?

    Swag. Customized freebies. Promotional products. Whatever you prefer to call it, does it work? Are promotional products really effective when it comes to cost and impact on recipients?

    In short, yes. … more