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  • Next Stop: Amusement Park Fun

    Summer is the time for fun! One of the best ways to enjoy it is going to a theme park. Most of us have experienced at least one, and it’d be safe to say they provide a thrill that can be tough … more

  • Uniquely Dental: Summer Promos

    With youngsters and teachers out of school for the summer, these summer months are often when people have their annual or biannual dental checkup. This means it’s the perfect time for your … more

  • Does Swag Work?

    Swag. Customized freebies. Promotional products. Whatever you prefer to call it, does it work? Are promotional products really effective when it comes to cost and impact on recipients?

    In short, yes. … more

  • Promos That’ll Make Your Name Pop

    There’s nothing quite like sitting back and enjoying a good movie in front of a huge screen with a big bowl of popcorn in your lap. Let’s face it: Who can resist a buttery bowl of popped … more

  • A Toast to Wedding Giveaways

    Invitations, decorations, dresses and cake. Tuxedos, flowers, rings and music. Weddings are filled with memories that a bride and groom will never forget, and personalized wedding favors will allow … more

  • A Craze to Catch Onto

    The latest craze? You guessed it: Fidget spinners. These simple but entertaining items are so popular that stores can’t keep them on their shelves. In fact, a toy shop in Michigan sells close … more

  • Must-Haves for Your Promo Product Budget

    Promotional items have been found time and again to bring companies brand value, so it’s important to budget for them aside from the rest of your marketing spend. Whether your budget is … more

  • Sizzling Summer Items

    Picnics, weddings, BBQs, camps, pool time, outdoor concerts and more — there are so many things to love about summer! The sun is out for those long daylight hours, whether they’re enjoyed … more

  • Why Social Media is Must

    For thousands of businesses, social media is a no brainer. To them, having a social media presence is a logical extension of their website that fosters interaction with customers. For others, social … more

  • Reasons to Support USA-Made

    With Memorial Day coming up and May being Made in the USA Month at Second Story, it’s timely to consider USA-made products. Most people would agree that it’s nice to buy … more