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Boost Your Name with Brand Association

A brand is a customer’s perception of a business, and great brands are often recognized instantly by consumers when they see the company logo. If you’re trying to build your own brand, associating with one that’s already well known is a smart strategy, as it’ll make you more top of mind for people needing your services.

Did you know we sell products of major brands? Place your logo on a highly recognized branded item and impress recipients with quality they know they can trust. We have all our options on our brands page, but here’s a breakdown of a few:

BIC® – From notebooks and note pads to pens and magnets, BIC® products will make your name look fantastic. People are bound to keep you on their mind with every use.

Basecamp® – Adventure lovers will enjoy the items we offer in this category, with essentials that will enhance the user experience every time.

Koozie® – Looking for a bottle cooler, lunch cooler or coaster? This brand just might have exactly what you’re seeking at an affordable price.

Contigo® – Durable, reliable drinkware is important for the everyday, especially when you can use it to keep your name in front of customers. We have several options to choose from in this line.

h2go® – Double-wall insulation and stainless steel construction are two characteristics of many bottle options of this brand, and with your logo clearly displayed on the front, people will be asking about you.

Have fun exploring what brands are a great fit for your business!