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2018 Promotional Trends

Want to get creative with your promotions in 2018? Good news: This year’s trends provide more room for creativity than ever before. Let’s take a look at them, along with a product we offer that’d be a great match for each:

Trend 1: Brand recognition is powerful. People are attracted to brands that are known for their high level of quality and specific features, so it’s only logical that companies want to associate their name with such brands. This rings true for insulated drinkware in particular, as brands like Camelbak, Yeti, Contigo, H2Go and S’well can be found in the promotional world. Because these brands can be pretty pricey, there are also many non-branded products that offer nearly identical features and overall quality.

Product that aligns with this trend: The Corkcicle Canteen (16 oz) is made from stainless steel with triple insulation and includes patented easy-grip flat sides and a no-slip bottom. The best part? It keeps drinks cold for up to 25 hours and hot for up to 12 hours! The retail box included makes for a nice presentation as well.

Trend 2: Demonstrating value is crucial. Today’s lifestyle values include minimalistic habits like de-cluttering and downsizing, so showing the value in a promotional product is essential to preventing recipients from throwing it away. With this in mind, helpful things to consider when choosing a promo item include the following: thinking about what your target audience wants; incorporating a retail look with impressive features; making it feel like a gift by focusing on appearance and packaging; trying a gift set or multi-purpose product; making the imprint look as professional as possible.

Product that aligns with this trend: The Kitchen Sink Bundle is fantastic because it includes multiple items: a bag to store toiletries or small tech items, a personal organizer, a roll to keep cords or jewelry tucked away, a passport holder and a travel tag. It’s quite modern-looking and provides a ton of practical value all in one.

Are you more excited about your next event giveaway, promotional campaign or corporate gift? We hope so!