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What Story are You Writing?

Everyone’s life is a story that’s constantly unfolding, and we each get to play a role in writing it. Sometimes it feels like an elaborate process in which we can take our time, and other times it feels more like a scribble, with the busyness and rush that life can bring. Either way, life is a beautiful thing, and every part of our story is a valuable one! 

Our newest pen embodies this idea, and we’re excited to share it with you. Have you heard about the Story Scribbler? If not, it’s time to learn all about it!

This pen is exclusive to Second Story Promotions — so you can’t find it anywhere else! It comes in the colors of black, blue, red and green, and it features a translucent barrel with a matching rubber grip (that’s textured and opaque) and a matching clip.

The imprint colors we recommend for this product are white, silver (PMS 877), and gold (PMS 871), and the imprint will appear opposite of the clip. PMS color matches are not recommended, as they typically don’t show as the true PMS color on a translucent barrel.

What’s unique about the Story Scribbler is that it contains hybrid ink, which combines the smoothness and consistent flow of a gel pen with the quick-drying benefit of a ballpoint pen, providing dense-colored lines. It comes in black ink with an application that’s reliable for professional documents or everyday to-do lists!

When it comes to this pen, it’s one of those things you need to try to realize you love it — so contact us for a sample!

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