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What is a brand?

Many of us associate a brand with a certain look, but it turns out there's much more to it than a logo or slogan. A brand encompasses every touch point of your company, including your products, services, and employees. Here is some insight for businesses across the board:

1. What does your brand represent?
Your customers want to know you're there to take care of them and their needs. This means it's essential that your brand stands out as a reliable source for a specific product or service. Your brand should represent three core principles: trust, consistency, and commitment. When people think, see, or talk about your brand, they should associate these positive attributes with your company.

2. Simple steps
Simple but intentional steps are really all it takes. As mentioned above, your brand must stay consistent, because even though your logo isn't everything, it's still important to building your brand identity. (Who doesn't know that the red dot outlined with a red circle represents Target?) Communication is also very important. Sending email blasts about specials or engaging in social media is a great way to build relationships, showing that you're easily accessible and relatable but still professional. Most importantly, always remember to be authentic. No one appreciates a false promise.

3. Ten benefits of improving your brand
Here are ten benefits you can count on: company growth, greater visibility, more buzz, a boost in standing out, higher credibility, building of long-term relationships, more customer attraction, more revenue, greater overall profile, and long-term financial savings.

So you want to improve your brand? Get started by thinking about how you want your business to be perceived. From there, pump up morale by getting your team involved and then let us help you! With so many products to choose from, we can help your name become recognized and well-respected. Making your brand a great one should be a positive experience, so have fun with it!

Information taken from "Branding Your Promo Products Business" by Elain Fogel, an educational seminar during PPAI Las Vegas.