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Top Summer Promotional Products

Kick off summer with great promotional items! The official start of summer is still 17 days away, but it already feels like the season has turned for many of us thanks to warm weather, longer days and plenty of outdoor events. With more community events like parades, concerts, festivals, outdoor movie nights and races comes larger crowds — and thus more opportunity for your name to be noticed. Don’t miss the chance to get your name out where people will see it all summer long!

Here are some product categories to look into for your promotional efforts the next few months:

Sunglasses: No one likes being outside for long without sunglasses, being forced to squint or shield their eyes to see something. Invest in sunglasses that feature your name on the arm or on the front near the lenses. With a variety of colors and styles, they’re low in cost and will keep your name visible with every encounter.

Common uses: Outdoor/beach events, concerts, parties

Drinkware: More heat means an even greater need to stay hydrated, and your business can help people do that through custom drinkware. In particular, water bottles are fitting for the many fun runs and races that take place through the summer. They also have a great imprint area, so every drink will keep your name remembered.

Common uses: Races, biking events, farmers markets

Can Coolers: For those casual get-togethers or cookouts that are planned, personalized can coolers are a fantastic way to make your business part of the conversation. The item is very practical for both keeping a drink cool and creatively making an impact.

Common uses: Picnics, parties, grill outs, concerts, festivals, weddings

Sunscreen: Oftentimes, people don’t apply sunscreen because they forget to bring it along or apply it before spending time outside. Help them remember by making personalized sunscreen available for use on them and their family members. Whether you choose a bottle, stick or spray, you’ll definitely be appreciated for helping prevent UV damage.

Common uses: Outdoor/beach events, daytime festivals

Frisbees and flyers: Easy to pack and great for entertaining, Frisbees and flyers are perfect for enjoying the nice weather. They’re also easy on the budget and vary in size and color, either to correlate with your brand colors or simply draw positive attention. There are even some made for furry friends!

Common uses: Park outings, beach events, grill outs, company gatherings

Coolers: Keeping enough (and a variety of) drinks on hand doesn’t work very well without a great cooler to store them, transport them and keep them cold. Your logo will be in people’s line of sight with every reach for another drink, providing some great return on investment that you can be proud of. 

Common uses: Picnics, outdoor/beach events, parties

What item(s) will you be customizing this summer?