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Inspiration from PPAI

A group of us from Second Story Promotions attended classes during The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas last week, and we were inspired by what we learned! Take a read through some of our notes to see how you can improve your business relationship with your customers.

Intro to Strategic Foresight Playbook – Paul Bellantone

  • It’s not your customer’s job to remember you; it’s your job to make yourself unforgettable.
  • Find your competitive advantage and be competitive through experiences.
  • Start by asking questions to anyone and everyone by scanning the environment, gathering feedback to know exactly what customers want.
  • Determine your weaknesses and find ways to make them better.
  • Find your 3–5 emerging trends and figure out how to do those well.
  • Measure results: What actually happened? What was supposed to happen? What can you learn?

Get in Touch! – Kim Todora

  • How promotional items are most often used: events (18.5%), brand awareness (12.9%), gifts (12.7%), trade shows (8.7%), and service awards (6.7%)
  • Consumers like statistics, so use them and post about them with lifestyle images

Get Paid for Creativity and Strategy Beyond the Order – Dave Houston

  • #1 sales effectiveness = an extremely organized process; look like you have it together so your customer gains your trust
  • Prove effectiveness through testimonials or case studies

How Change Happens and Excellence is Achieved – Johnny Campbell

  • Promised land: what gets you to where you are going in the end
  • Change vs. transition: change = events, structure, things; transitions = new attitudes
  • You have to show people what the end looks like to get them through transitions
  • What gets in the way of allowing change: distractions, drafting, resistance

New E-Commerce is Engagement Commerce – Mark Graham & Bobby Lehew

  • Create a personalized experience
  • The best product stories drive customers to purchase based on others’ experiences
  • Emotional connections: the modern way of looking at products and getting customers to be inspired
  • Everything you do should be to help and celebrate the customer

It’s easy to be SUCCESSFUL in the right environment!

  • GOALS – write them down and review them often to give yourself direction
  • What’s your purpose? 1) Serve others with your gifts and talents, 2) Get better every day at what you’re doing, 3) Celebrate where you are — don’t just tolerate it!
  • Create the culture you are looking for.
  • Rewards big or small remind people they are moving in the right direction.

Communicate to your customers that you’re there for them, just like we’re here for you!