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Dynamite Deals — Every Day

We're excited, and you should be too! We've introduced a new section of our website called Everyday Deals — and it's exactly what it sounds like! We keep at least a dozen great products in this category all the time to ensure you're getting the best deals every day. It's savings like never before, and we hope you take advantage of it!

Here are some of the many products on sale:

iSlimster Stylus Pen: This retractable stylus pen with black ink features an hourglass-shaped barrel and excellent stylus tip for easy scrolling and texting on any touchscreen device. It's great for handing out at educational training sessions. 300+ pieces only $0.39/piece!

Natural Paper Shopper: This natural, durable kraft paper shopper has matching twisted paper handles and a serrated cut top. Hand it out with goodies at a local farmers' market to share your reputable name! 250+ pieces only $0.47/piece!

Hand Sanitizer Spray: Great for any occasion, this hand sanitizer spray kills 99.9% of germs in a convenient, on-the-go container with six cap color options. It's one of the best items to hand out after a doctor's appointment to spread the message of healthy living. 250+ pieces only $0.62/piece!

For more dynamic deals, be sure to visit the Everyday Deals page. And remember to check back often to see if your favorite item is on sale!