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Dying for Spring?

With what seems like a long, cold winter in Iowa, we are ready for spring! We’re looking forward to it so much that we’ve already picked out some fun spring items to keep reminding ourselves there is hope for warmer weather soon! 

Check out our outdoor section for coolers as you start thinking about picnics and family gatherings. We have many options, and several can be creatively adapted for more than one purpose!

Our Half-Gallon Beverage Cooler is designed to carry water or another favorite drink, but it could also be used to store snacks, fruit, or a small meal if people are in a pinch and there’s another water source at the picnic location. Plus it provides a nice imprint area! And this fully insulated Fashion Cooler is visually appealing and made to store cold items — but no one’s stopping recipients from also using it as a beach bag or gym bag amidst a busy schedule!

Also check out our color-changing section for more inspiration, with a couple snapshots below.

The bright, insulated Mood Cube Tumbler changes color with cold liquid, but before you give it away empty, make it a gift to a students or employees by filling it with candy for a special occasion. Recipients will get dual use out of the item as a water bottle later, all with lasting exposure to your name! Then light up a party with the Groovy Glow Light, filled with LED lights that feature five color changes when turned on, or soften the mood in the office by putting it on each employee’s desk. It could even work as a luminary for observances or events to remember those you love.

Last but not least, take a look at our kid-friendly page for items that will get kids as excited for spring as you!

Springtime means chalk time, and our 3-Pack Jumbo Chalk can meet the need! Great for a tote bag insert at a conference or show, this will get young ones excited about chalking their driveways and sidewalks. If you'd rather, you could use it to decorate a chalkboard wall in the office that highlights accomplishments, company goals, and more. In addition, make springtime savings fun for kids with the Mini Piggy Bank with removable nose for coin retrieval. Have banks hand them out to young people who open a savings account, or give them to new employees as a giveaway to their young family members. Talk about cute!

While Iowa may not bring on the coldest weather out there, we still know cold. Be sure to browse our page for outdoor leisure products, which range from sunglasses and foldable chairs to picnic blankets and safety wristbands. You’re welcome anytime, spring!