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4 Ways to Thank Customers with Promo Items

Saying thank you goes a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction, and the happier customers are when they work with you, the more loyal they’ll be. Using promotional items is a fabulous way to foster your client relationships and genuinely communicate how much you appreciate them.

In addition, research suggests that focusing on current customers is more worthwhile than trying to acquire new ones. For example, repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers, and it costs six times more to sell something to potential customers than current ones. It really does pay off to show your customers some love — and here’s how you can!

  1. Give a personalized gift. Customize a promotional product not only with your logo, but also with the customer’s name. People love items that have been personalized just for them, and it’s a way to go the extra mile to show how much you care.
  2. Host a VIP event. Organize an invitation-only event to a select group of customers and provide them with a take-home item that will help them remember the occasion. They will feel connected both to you and to other attendees, whether the event is a brunch, dessert reception, etc.
  3. Create a rewards program. Who doesn’t love free stuff? (That’s why promotional items are so great.) Whenever customers purchase a specified number of items or place a certain number of orders, give them a larger-ticketed item on the house as a way to demonstrate your desire to keep them coming back. In the long run, it will translate to increased sales — not to mention referrals.
  4. Ask for customer feedback. You can’t know what customers think unless you ask, so give them an opportunity to provide suggestions for your business. How should you follow up? You guessed it: with a promo product. Doing so will let customers know you really care about their opinion in order to offer your very best.

Above all else, remember to be sincere in your thank you gift giving. Recipients are good at knowing if you mean well or if you’re more interested in getting something from them — so aim for the former, always. You will be glad you did!